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Renzetti offers a  full line of vise accessories including material clips, Visual Enhancement Plate, Clouser Minnow Arm, Spinning Attachment, AuSable Speed Crank, Lap Extension, Parachute Attachment and many other products that make your fly tying experience more enjoyable. Many of these accessories will work on any fly tying vise.

Extended Crank Arms

You’ve asked for years for a bigger beefier crank arm and we listened!  Available in brass for the Master and Presentation 3000 and 4000, as well as black anodized for all Travelers and Saltwater Travelers.


Extended Bent Shaft

The Renzetti Rotary Bent Shaft is a Trademark of Renzetti Inc.

It is what has made our vises so distinctive and recognized worldwide. The Rotary Bent Shaft is what holds the jaws. We offer a bent shaft for the Traveler Series due to its versatility. A Traveler Bent Shaft can be used on a Saltwater Traveler, and a Saltwater Traveler Bent Shaft can be used on a Traveler vise. The only difference between these is the housing for the jaws, therefore the right jaw is needed.

New for 2020 -Another accessory to make your Traveler more versatile, a longer Rotary Bent Shaft ideal to tie longer streamers. 0ne inch longer than your standard rotary bent shaft. Available for Traveler and Saltwater Traveler. Specify right or left and- Available October 15, 2020.

Regardless of the age of your Traveler Series, These Bent shafts will work with your vise. Specify Right or Left. 

Made in the USA


Material Clips

A material clip is a must to any rotary vise. It allows you to keep the tying material away from the front of the hook while working on the fly.


*Warning only applies to Master Material Clip (X8076)

Spinning Attachments

An accessory that allows rotation of the vise with the palm of your hand.


Clouser Minnow Arms

The unique design of the Clouser Minnow or any long streamer fly is what prompted us to design the Clouser Minnow Arm. The design of these vises is engineered to facilitate the proper material placement along the hook shank, which is critical for achieving the silhouettes and profiles these patterns require.

The versatility of the Renzetti Vise line is that enables the tyer to have a wide range of accessories to enhance and motivate him or her to continue to explore the art of Fly Tying without having to purchase a new vise. We have designed a Clouser Minnow Arm for each series.

On the Traveler Series, the Clouser Arms are interchangeable with the matching jaw.


Visual Enhancement Plate

To maximize your visual acuity when tying, this detachable plate is designed to eliminate background clutter and glare. Depending on your tying needs the plate can be reversed to opt for a pale green or light gray backdrop. Made in USA.AL


C-Clamp Lap Extension

The Lap extension is an unique accessory that allows you to tie comfortably by bringing the vise to your lap. it comes with an 3/8 stem that will go on any base or c-clamp with an 3/8 opening. The shaft will swivel your vise toward you making the whole tying experience very comfortable.  Made in the USA!

*C-Clamp not included*


Bobbin Cradle

The Renzetti Bobbin Cradle is fully adjustable and will fit into any 3/8” stem. We offer two bobbin cradle, one anodized aluminum and the other in brass. 

The bobbin cradle is about 8” long, it can be left in place to hold your bobbin or move out of the way by simply swivel the wire out of the way. 

A bobbin Cradle Extension will add more length to the bobbin cradle and ideal for large flies. 

Showing on image the Master Deluxe with Bobbin Craddle and Extension, vise not included. Made in the USA!


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to