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The Traveler True Rotary Vise was first introduced in 1988, since then it has become the most popular in the world. It offered the True Rotary feature Renzetti Inc is known for, as well as portability, unquestionable hook holding power and an affordable price.

The T2000 Traveler Series vise as it was called back then have gone thru some major changes. From a T2000 Traveler Non Cam Jaw to a C2000 Traveler Series with Cam jaw. It was not until almost 20 years later that the most dramatic change took place, when we introduced the Traveler 2200 Series Vises and 2012 when the Traveler 2300 was introduced.

While still we offered the great features of a True Rotary Vise, the Traveler 2300 and 2200 offers more comfort and longer lasting finish. We added a 7″ stem to the base model, all aluminum parts were anodized, and a polyurethane jaw o-ring added longer wear to your tying need. We did not compromise in quality nor did we cut corners with this vise. Our goal was to continue to offer the beginner as well as the experience tyer a True Rotary vise that will challenge her or him as well as offer a long lasting piece of equipment.

In 2015, we re-introduced the Original Traveler 2000 Series Vises, while still offering some of the improvements made throughout the years.

For those that just want the latest Renzetti can offer, then The Traveler 2300 Series Vises will be the choice.

The Renzetti True Rotary Series Vises are sold thru authorized Retailers only. Click here to find a dealer.

New for 2018: The Traveler 2304, continuing with the desire to enjoy the full True Rotary features that Renzetti vises offer, we added a material clip and a larger base and stem support. Release date Nov 2018.

Traveler 2304 Cam Vise 6×6 Pedestal Base Model

Hooks: #28 – 4/0
SKU C2304 R/L

Traveler 2300 Series Streamer Pedestal Base Model w/Material Clip

Hooks: #28 – 4/0
SKU C2305 R/L

Traveler 2300 Cam Vise Pedestal Base Model

*also available in C-Clamp model

Hooks: #28 – 4/0
SKU C2303 R/L

Traveler 2200 Cam Vise C-Clamp Model

*also available in Pedestal Base model C2203-R/L

Hooks: #28 – 4/0
SKU C2202 R/L

Traveler 2000 Cam Vise Pedestal Base Model

Hooks: #28 – 4/0
SKU C2003 R/L

Traveler 2000 C-Clamp R/L Model

Hooks: #28 – 4/0
SKU C2002 R/L

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to