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Review by Renzetti Ambassador, Allen Campbell

The Renzetti tool bar has been the perfect addition to my Saltwater Traveler vise. The matte green finish is durable and looks great! The 6″ length has been perfect for keeping all the tools I need close and handy. It fits multiple bobbins, scissors, bodkins, dubbing loop tweezers, and Zuddy’s leg pullers.

Everything I need is organized and close. It swivels easily on the stem of the vise, so I can flip it out of the way after grabbing what I need. Although I have the longer toolbar, it’s super light because it’s made out of aluminum. It’s also available in 4.5″. The tool bar has a metric and English measurement scale for quick reference. They are all made in the USA which is very important to me! If you’re looking for the perfect companion for your vise, look no further.

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