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Renzetti takes pride in the innovations created by our founder, Andy Renzetti. These innovations have set the standard for the industry. Innovations and improvements are not made as a cost-saving alternative, or to copy what someone else has made. Instead, these innovations and improvements are made to enhance the fly tying experience and make any tyer a better tyer.

Renzetti Registrations and Trademark
– Renzetti –  No. 2,060,740Renzetti & Design – No. 2,077,565Vise Design 2,535,148True Rotary 2,551,441Renzetti Since 1979 & Design 2,567,674

– The Renzetti Rotary Bent Shaft is a Trademark of Renzetti Inc, and is recognized worldwide, it was first introduced in 1972.

Made in the USA since 1972