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Our customers give us feedback, and we listen. This has always been important to us. So, we are excited to release some new vise products this fall! Here are some of our favorites…

New Master Vise Colors

The Master Vise has always produced superior function. With a hook range of #28 – 10/0, it is a do-it-all vise. It is also looks nice on your tying desk. So, why not add more color options? It is now available in two new stunning options, purple and blue. Only 2,501 of each color are being made, so check with your local Renzetti dealer and get yours while supplies last.

Game Changer Jaws

Renzetti Ambassador Blane Chocklett is the most innovative Fly Tyer in recent years. While our current jaws are sufficient for holding and tying on shanks, Blane and Andy worked together in designing a jaw specifically for this purpose. The Game Changer Jaw is available to fit the Traveler and Presentation Series. We are currently working on a shank jaw for the Master and Saltwater Series.

Extended Bent Shaft

Another accessory to make your Traveler more versatile, an Extended Rotary Bent Shaft is ideal for tying longer streamers. 0ne inch longer than your standard rotary bent shaft. Available for Traveler and Saltwater Traveler. Available in both left and right.

All of these great new products are currently available! They are sold through authorized Retailers worldwide, and our ecommerce site

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