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We have been fortunate to work with two legendary tiers, Bob Clouser and Bob Popovics. They are both Legacy Ambassadors for Renzetti, and have influenced some of our vises and tools we sell today. Their contribution to the fly tying and fishing world has been immeasurable. Today, we wanted to feature two of their books. Clouser’s Flies – Tying & Fishing the Fly Patterns of Bob Clouser, and Fleye Design. Both offer great insight into tying and fishing some of their most effective flies.

Clouser’s Flies

The story of and instructions to tie the popular and successful Clouser Deep Minnow and its variations, including Purple Darter, Clouser Crayfish, EZ Popper, Rattle Clouser, Bright Sides Minnow, and more. Bob Clouser provides his recipes to tie and fish his successful patterns, subsurface foods, and surface flies with detailed explanations and full-color step-by-step photos.

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Fleye Design

By far the most creative Fly Tyer of our time, Bob Popovics continues to develop and improve his older patterns.  On his latest book, Bob provides step by step tying and tutorials of over 12 new patterns. He continues to inspire a new generation of tyers that have been influence by Bob’s signature style. His contributions to saltwater tying are even greater on this book.

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