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Stem and Stem Extension

fly tying stem extension


The Stems and Stem Extensions are designed to provide balance between the vise head, the base and the fly design.

The stems listed here are only for the Tube, the Traveler, the Saltwater Traveler, and the Clouser Vise Series. For 2013 we are offering the black anodized aluminum stems for the Traveler 2300 Series Vises.


The Stem Extensions are designed to be used with your existing stem to add high and comfort to your tying experience. Stem Extensions are available for the Presentation 3000, 4000 and Master Series Vises only.


Aluminum Stems for Traveler or Tube Vises
SKU Select a Stem 
7" Stainless Steel Stem for Traveler Series
SKU X8054
  $21.95 Details  


Stem Extensions- Stainless Steel
SKU X8016-X8017
6" Stem Extension - Stainless Steel
SKU X8017
  $21.95 Details  

The Renzetti Product line is manufactured in the USA.

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