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Fly Fishing & Rod Building Fair 2015

    The 5th Fly Fishing & Rod Building Fair @ Renzetti’s

 Scheduled for Dec. 4th and 5th of this year.

This event is organized and sponsored by Renzetti Inc. and its sister company, R Distribution LLC. with the sole mission to promote the sport of fly fishing and rod building as well as to benefit specific non for profit organizations. The proceeds from the 2015 Fly Fishing and Rod Building Fair will benefit the Florida programs offered by Casting for Recovery (an educational program for breast cancer survivors in a setting that helps lessen isolation, while providing a recreational activity with both physical and emotional benefits) and Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (a fly fishing program designed for wounded military service members).


As in the past, some of the most legendary fly fishing celebrities will attend and present program. Among the guests will be, Lefty Kreh, Bob Clouser, Jon Cave, Flip Pallot, Nick Curcione, Bob Popovics, Pat Ehlers, John Stumpe, Curtis Baker just to mention a few. Renzetti will also be welcoming and introducing their Fly Tyer Ambassadors Chris Kincaid, Dave Schmezer, Jeff Ward, Ron Winn and Jay Murakoshi.


Many artists, fly fishing and boat manufacturers will be also attending and showcasing their latest gear. It is truly an unique and great opportunity to see what is new, to meet these dedicated and talented anglers, as well as to raise awareness and funds for the two organizations benefiting from this 2 days event.

Please purchase your ticket at the door after Dec  2nd.  


New for For 2015   

    Open Friday Dec 4th from 12 pm to 4 pm.

    Join us for fly tying, casting and fly fishing destinations demonstrations by Bob Popovics, Nick Curcione, Capt. Steve bailey, Steve Farrar, Capt. Scott Hamilton, and David Lambert.

                              Fly Fishing Workshop.
These two workshop have limited space, please purchase your ticket by November 25th. 

    1- Day Fly Fishing School with Bob Clouser and Jon Cave  

  2-Day Fly Ladies Fly Fishing Workshop with Sarah Gardner, Linda Heller and Ruth Stokes

This 2 day  school is designed for the novice as well as the experienced angler. On day1, learn the basics of fly fishing: equipment, fly tying, casting techniques. Day 2 will concentrate on more advanced techniques. The experienced angler can join us either day, there is always something new to learn.    

 "An Evening with The Legends" Reception at La Cita Country Club at 6:30 pm.  

 A reception for all to enjoy one on one time with our guests. This is the main fundraiser of the weekend and great items has been donated for the silent auction. We will be honoring a special guest that evening. Limited to 100 guests, please order your ticket early . Cash bar. 



Saturday Dec 5th, will start at 9 am at Renzetti’s factory and continue until 3:30pm. A day filled with programs, fly tying, rod building demonstrations, company tours, raffles, silent auction and just a great day promoting the sport.


Advanced  entry Tickets for Friday Dec 4th at Renzetti's $10.00. For Saturday Dec 5th $15.00. 2 Day Ticket $20.00. children under 15 are free. Advanced Tickets available online until Dec 2nd. after that tickets will be available at the door.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

 raffle will be held on Dec 5th for a Special Edition Master Series Vise, for more information and tickets click the raffle ticket below.

For those traveling a distance and or attending this 2 day event, please contact the Holiday Inn at KSC 321 383-0200 and reserve under the Renzetti Inc rate.

We appreciate the continued support from Hell's Bay Boatworks, The Orvis Company, Hareline Dubbin, Dragon Fly Boatworks, TFO, and Custom Gheenoe.  


 We look forward to seing you at the 5th Fly Fishing and Rod Building Fair @ Renzetti's.


The Renzetti Staff


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