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Rod Lathe

The Renzetti Rod Lathe is engineered to meet just about any of the creative rod builder's needs and easy to set up and use. It can power wrap in single and multiple threads with precision tension control. A rod can be set up or removed without removing any attachments.


We currently offer 2 style Lathe, The Basic Lathe that has been in the market since early 80's and the new Craftsman Lathe that was introduced at the International Rod Building Show last February. Both lathe are unique and offer great features to the rod builder.


Either lathe can be used to shape custom grips, cork, plastic and wood with the addition of our turning motor. This lathe is equipped with an indexing feature at 0,90,180 & 270 degrees for butt wraps. Made of precision aluminum extrusion and machined parts to ensure quality and a lifetime of use.


Made in the USA



Basic Rod Lathe
SKU CL1000
  $660.00 Details  

Craftsman Rod Lathe-

Coming soon

A conversion Kit available to convert the Basic Lathe to the

Craftsman Lathe

SKU CL3000

  $798.95                  Details  

The Renzetti Product line is manufactured in the USA.

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