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Traveler Rotary Bent Shaft

SKU: X9014 - X9015
Select Bent shaft you need Traveler rotary Bent Shaft
Manufacturer: Renzetti


SKU X9014 - X9015

The Renzetti Rotary Bent Shaft is a Trademark of Renzetti Inc. It is what has make our vises so distinctive and recognized worldwide. The Traveler Rotary Bent Shaft is what holds the jaw. A traveler Bent Shaft can be used on a Saltwater Traveler, and the a Saltwater Traveler Bent Shaft can be used on a Traveler vise. The only difference between these is the housing for the jaws.




Regardless of the age of your Traveler Vise, this bent shaft will work on your vises. Please order right or left. Made in the USA


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