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Wonder Weaver

The "WONDER WEAVER" designed by Jim Upton
SKU: WW0001
Manufacturer: Renzetti




The "WONDER WEAVER" is a loom designed to facilitate weaving around a cylindrical object that can be used to make a continuous weave around a fishing rod, and also to weave individual patterns on any axes of a rod, (space permitting) at the same time.

It is easy to use for color-change weaving, and will accommodate as many colors as one is capable of handling. It's unique design keeps threads from hanging and twisting. The slots holding each thread are clearly identified and threads are held firmly.

Setting up is simple and because each thread has a numbered slot, you will know quickly if the thread count is incorrect. The threads can then be adjusted before going any further. The Wonder Weaver comes with a 180 slot design, with only 90 of the slots numbered. Weaves should be made prior to putting line guides in place but can be made after the under wraps, if they are used.

Designed by Jim Upton, manufacture by Renzetti. Valid U S Patent.

Instructional DVD included.

Made in USA.

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