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Craftsman Rod Lathe

A precision Lathe like no other. Made in the USA.
SKU: CL3000
Manufacturer: Renzetti


SKU: CL3000

The Craftsman Rod Lathe is the latest lathe we offer and by far one that you will love. While some of the components are the same as in the Basic Lathe, the Craftsman Lathe has a redesigned Bed Extension that allows the redesigned Rolling Carriage to be used without moving any of the components on the lathe.

The Craftsman Lathe comes with:

(1) 3ft. Redesigned Bed with Head Stock and Chuck ( key and allen wrench included)

(2) Redesigned Bed Extension with 2 connecting brackets and 2 riser blocks. Comes with complete instructions, assembly required. Item: BE3000

(2) Rod Supports. This is one of the unique attachments. The rod support has three rubbers edged rollers, two on the lower arm and one on the upper arm. The lower arm cradles the rod blank and also centers it while the upper arm retains the blank position. The rod support will accept blanks from 1/16" diameter and up. It can be removed or installed in seconds without removing the blank. Comes with complete instructions, assembly required. Item: RS2100

(1) Eight-Spool Thread Feed with individual spool tension. Each spool has its own tension adjustment which allows you to use any size thread. The spool holder is much more compact and very accessible for changing or adjusting tension on any spool. There is no starting load or extra pulling pressure needed on the thread or threads when starting a wrap. The tension is extremely smooth and consistent. Any thread or combination up to 8 can be used at one time. This unit also has the thread tension spring, which enables you to turn the blank backward to correct a mistake or relocate a thread(s). The tension spring will tack up to 5" of thread while keeping it under tension. Comes with complete instructions, assembly required. Item:TF3000

(1) Redesigned Rolling Carriage for Thread Feed. The rolling carriage is a must for precision power wrapping. This carriage goes under the bed extension allowing you to move it along the length of the bed extension without moving any accessories and allowing you to get close to the blank. When the carriage is clamped on the bed, it is very sturdy and can be infinitely moved along the bed in either direction at any speed necessary when wrapping. The carriage glides on three rollers and is extremely smooth. The carriage will accept the thread feed unit and comes with complete instructions, assembly required. Item RC3300

(1) Motor Belt, Item: BL1008

Warranty against material and workmanship.

Made in the USA

Units in box: 1

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