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8-Spool Thread Feed

The best ans most precise thread feed available. Each spool has its own tension adjustment which allows you to use any size thread. The spool holder is much more compact and very accessible for changing or adjusting tension on any spool.
SKU: TF8000 or TF3000
8-Spool Thread Feed
Manufacturer: Renzetti


SKU: TF8000  or TF3300

There is no starting load or extra pulling pressure needed on the thread or threads when starting a wrap. The tension is extremely smooth and consistent. Any thread or combination up to 8 can be used at one time. This unit also has the thread tension spring, which enables you to turn the blank backward to correct a mistake or relocate a thread(s).

The tension spring will tack up to 5" of thread while keeping it under tension. The 8 spool Thread Feed adjust 8" from the rod lathe bed extension.

We offer two 8 Spool Thread Feed.

The TF8000 is designed to be used with the original CL1000 or CL2000 Rod Lathe and the  The TF3000 is designed to be used with the CL3000 Craftsman Rod Lathe.

Comes with complete instructions. Some assembly required. A large spool attachment available for larger spools.

Carriage or Bed Ext. not included.

 Made in the USA.

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