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1/10 HP Power Supply w/Motor Bracket

An universal AC/DC Motor, 1/10 HP, RPM 8000, Voltage 115, 60 Hz, 1 Phase, 1.5 Full Load Amps, with mounting bracket
SKU: PS3002
Manufacturer: Renzetti


SKU: PS3002

The motor uses ball bearings, a 1/4 inch diameter shaft that is 4/8 inch long. It will handle light sanding. Comes with mounting bracket. Pulley not included. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The 1/10 HP power supplies are intended for thread and finishing work only. Shaping, sanding and other heavy work, requires a "Heavy Duty" power supply.

 A Reo-Stat foot control is also available to use with this unit

Made in USA.

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