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Leader Stretcher

SKU: LS0001
Manufacturer: Renzetti


SKU: LS0001

The Renzetti Leader Stretcher is unique  in design and function. This tubular design allows the angler to store both the bite and tippet materials.

Adjusting for a different  overall length is as simple as moving the leader head pin to one of six different positions. (each allows for as much as 13" of variation in length among leaders).

The rigid outer shell protects files regardless of where you store them, and gaskets on each end its inner core keep the contents always dry.

The hook tube measures under 30" in length and can readily hod up to 24 rigged flies, or large billfish style poppers.

The Renzetti Leader Stretcher is made in the USA with high density PVC and Stainless Steel Hooks.

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