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C-Clamp for Masters or Presentations

C Clamps for Presentations 2000,3000,4000 and Master Series Vises
SKU: X8002 - X8073
Select Clamp C-Clamps
Manufacturer: Renzetti


 C Clamps


The Renzetti C Clamps are designed to work on the Presentation and master Series Vises.

The Renzetti's C Clamps are made out of aluminum and then, it is powder coated in black, C Clamp

comes with an 8" stainless steel stem, and anodized aluminum locking knob.

As any of our CClamp it will fit tables up to 21/2" thick.


Stem for the Presentation 2000 Series is different, therefore chose the right C Clamp your your vise.

 Showing the C Clamp for a Presentation 2000.

Made in USA.

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