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Midge Cam Jaw RH for Presentation 4000

This Cam Midge Jaw Assembly give you more room around the hook (Right Handed) (Hooks 28 to 2). Designed to work on a Presentation 4000 vise.
SKU: X8104
Select one for you Midge Cam for Presentation 4000 Vises
Manufacturer: Renzetti


SKU X8104 or X8105

 Hooks # 28 to 2

 Midge Jaws are ideal for tying small flies. The Presentation 4000 Midge Jaw come with a black oxide finish and a military anti-corrotion coating. Midge jaws for the Presentation 4000 must be order right or left.

Hook range specified for you to utilize the True Rotary feature the vise offers, as well as a true hook range for this jaw.


*Limited Warranty.


Made in USA.

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