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Bobbin Cradle Extension

The Bobbin Cradle extension adds length to your bobbin, ideal when tying large flies.
SKU: X8047
Manufacturer: Renzetti


SKU: X8047


The Bobbin Cradle enables you to pull thread straight out from the hook. This prevents the thread from wrapping around the hook shank while rotary tying. Proper placement of the cradle while rotary tying should be directly inline with the hook shank and centerline of the rotary shaft. If you don't need the cradle in the tying process, simply swing it out of the way.

Renzetti offers 2 Bobbin Cradle. One made out of anodized aluminum that is standard on The Traveler 2200 and Presentation 2000 Series Vises, part # X8019,  and a Brass Bobbin Cradle, standard on all Presentation 3000, 4000 and masters, part # X8020. Both are approx 6.5" long.


The Bobbin Cradle Extension or X8047 fits all vises and adds an additional 4-inches to your existing bobbin cradle. Easy to assemble.


Bobbin Cradle Extension on a Traveler vise w/Bobbin Cradle shown (vise and bobbin cradle not included).


Made in USA.

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