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R-Evolution Tools

As with the Hair Stackers, we continue to offer our traditional product line of needles, teasers and twisters made of brass, as well as the R-Evolution product line. 

The stainless steel R-Evolution tools have a more ergonomic design and are sure to last a lifetime!

Items pictured from left to right: SS Teaser(LG), SS Teaser(Med), SS Teaser(SM), Standard Teaser, Dub Needle(LG), Dub Needle(SM), Twister, SW Half Hitch

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R-Evolution Hair Stackers

A hair stacker is a tool use to align the tips of hair cut from a hide before attaching it to the fly. It is as simple as putting the fur into the brass tubing, placing the tube into the stacker, and gently tapping a tabletop with it a few times. All of your hair will be aligned and ready to secure to your fly. Made of anodized aluminum and developed by Andy Renzetti and Pat Ehlers.

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R-Evolution Hair Packers

A well tied deer hair fly is judged largely by how tightly it is packed. These hair packers developed by Pat Ehlers will help you accomplish this task.

Midge – #14-#12
Medium – #10-#6
Large – #4-1/0

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Pat Ehlers’ Bullet Head Tools

If you tie bullet head flies like the Thunder Creek Streamers or the Madam X or maybe a Bullet Head Muddler, then the Bullet Head Tool could be the extra hand you have been looking for. 

Small – #14-#12
Medium – #10-#6
Large – #4-1/0

Click here to see how it works!

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Clouser’s Hook File

Bob Clouser’s favorite hook file. The handle is ergonomically designed to fit the contour of the palm of the hand. This natural fit makes it easy to apply the correct pressure when filing, giving you the perfect grip control.

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Stainless Steel Scissors

These stainless steel scissors with serration are perfect for laying accurate cuts on natural and synthetic materials.

Available in:
1″ Straight Blade
2 3/4″ Straight Blade
1 3/4″ Curved Blade

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Ruby Tip Bobbins

Our unique tapered protrusion insures maximum thread spool tension and the bobbin’s ruby tip will keep the thread moving smoothly and prevents your fly tying thread to cut into the bobbin tube.

Small – Length: 2″ ID: 3/32″
Small Saltwater: Length: 2 3/4″ ID: 3/32″
Large – Length: 2″ ID: 1/8″ Large Saltwater – Length: 2 3/4″ ID: 1/8″

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Ultra Midge Bobbin

Back in the early 70s, Andy Renzetti offered the Ultra Midge Bobbin. Andy is excited to re-offer a piece of functional history. This bobbin is designed for those who tie primarily small “midge” style flies.

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Lead Wire & Tinsel Bobbin

The lead and wire fly tying bobbin has a large diameter tube to accommodate lead or wire. Renzetti’s unique tapered protrusion insures maximum thread spool tension.

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Brass Hand Tools

Renzetti’s classic brass tools will last you a lifetime and are offered in all of your primary fly tying tool needs. 

As shown from left to right: Dubbing Needle (Large), Dubbing Needle (Small), Half Hitch Tool, Dubbing Twister, Dubbing Twister/Teaser Combo

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Brass Hair Stackers

Renzetti’s brass hair stackers are built to last a lifetime. Simply place your hair into the brass tube, place it into the stacker, and tap a few times on a hard surfice and voila! Perfectly aligned hair.

From left to right: Magnum, Standard, Midge, Double Ended Standard, Double Ended Midge

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Soft Foam Tool Caddy

The Renzetti Tool Caddy is a must have for any tier. The soft foam holds its place on any surface and keeps your tools tightly stored, but easily accessed. 

You’d struggle to find an established tier who doesn’t already own this.

*Tools not included

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Applicator Jar w/Needle

Your contents will never evaporate due to the sealing property of the polyseal. Just remove the cap and the needle and polyseal will protect the contents while still allowing you to use it. When finished, insert cap into handle and close the bottle.

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Material Carousel

The Renzetti Fly Tying Material Carousel is a must have on any tiers bench. The Carousel can handle (16) pieces of material up to 10″ in length. It breaks down conveniently into 3 pieces making it very easy to take along to your local fly tying night. 

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Lefty’s Dual Sharpening Stone

In collaboration with Letfy Kreh, Renzetti has developed the Lefty Kreh Dual Sharpening Stone. The beautiful blue anodized tool incorporates a double sided ceramic/diamond sharpening system and is a must have for any outdoor enthusiast.

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