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Renzetti Ambassador Blane Chocklett is the most innovative Fly Tyer in recent years. His persistence and many years of developing a fly with the movement of conventional lures let him to the most recent boom in fly tying. Truly a gamechanger. His style of fly can be applied to any species and hook size.

While our current vise jaws allowed Blane and many other fly tyers tie thousand of articulated flies for years, It truly was the most practical design for it. Blane and Andy Renzetti worked together in designing a jaw for the fly tyers to use when tying articulated flies. The grooves in the top of the jaw ensure there is no risk to damaging the jaw, and it holds the shank in place.

Blane Chocklett explains what he likes the Game Changer Jaw

As Blane mentioned, the Game Changer Jaw makes the whole tying experience easier and faster. And the jaws aren’t just for tying game changer style flies, they are great for dry flies and articulated flies, or any pattern that requires you to tie materials off the back of the hook. The cut out in the jaw allows for extra room to work.

They are available for Traveler, Saltwater Traveler, Presentation 2000, Presentation 4000, and Master Vises.