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Being comfortable at your vise can really improve the tying experience. Desks and chairs come in all shapes and sizes, and so do we. Finding your comfort zone is important, especially for those long tying sessions. In addition to comfort, having your tools organized and within arm’s reach is also very helpful. We offer numerous products to make your time at the vise even more enjoyable.

In designing a product, Renzetti considers all it. From the contour on the crank arm, to the weight balance on the hand tools. It all has to be in balance to create the right set up for the fly tier to enjoy their tying experience. The products featured below  are just few of the many that will enhance your experience and creativity.


Do you feel like your vise is too low? A longer stem or stem extension is a quick fix to raising the level of your vise head. Depending on the model of Renzetti vise, you can either purchase a longer stem or a stem extension. The Traveler Vises come with a 7″ stem, so if you would prefer the vise head to be higher, a 9″ stem is available. The Master and Presentation models offer a 3″ and 6″ extension that screws into the existing stem giving you multiple height options.

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Would you prefer the vise sit out from the desk, and more over your lap? If so, this unique accessory does just that. It adjust forward and back, allowing you find your optimal comfort zone. Renzetti offers different models for specific vise series and budget.

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A great tool organizer, designed to hold a number of fly-tying hand tools including scissors, and an Enhancement Plate. It is made out of aluminum and will fit any 3/8 stem. Its locking mechanism is superior to any toolbar on the market. It comes in 4.5″ and 6″ sizes and clear (gray), black, purple, red, blue, and olive green to customize your vise.

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The Tool Bar Station is perfect tool organizer that can be placed anywhere on your desk. It comes with a 4″ stem and two 2″ stems, a 3″x6″ black powder coated base AND multi use magnetized pockets to hold your hooks, eyes, beads, tools or supplies. This Tool Bar Station will hold any Tool Bar as well as The Renzetti Enhancement Plate, allowing you to have your vise free of any attachment. This gives you more space around your vise, but still have your tools close by.

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The Renzetti Tool Caddy is a must-have for any tier. Another original design of Renzetti, first introduced in 1988, the soft foam holds its place on any surface and keeps your tools tightly stored, but easily accessed.  The material composition makes this product durable and stable on any surface.  This is a great accessory on its own, or in combination with the Tool Bar. Keep all of your tools organized and at arm’s reach!

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