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Photo by Nice Minesinger

The inaugural Bobbin The Hood event hosted by Schultz Outfitters was a great success! Plans for 2024 are already in the works. The event included some of the best tiers in the Midwest and beyond, including Renzetti Ambassadors Blane Chocklett, Russ Maddin and Matt Grajewski. Besides the ambassadors, it was nice to see all the tiers using Renzetti vises!

Renzetti Legacy Ambassador, Blane Chocklett, giving a presentation on his Game Changer platform. Photo by Nick Minesinger.

The event had a heavy focus on streamer tying and fishing for a variety species. From trout, bass, muskie, pike, and steelhead, there was something for everyone who streamer fishes in the Midwest region.

Renzetti Ambassador Russ Maddin. Photo by Nick Minesinger.

The event was held in Ypsilanti, Michigan, which is known as Depot Town due to its history. The venue was The Freighthouse, a historical landmark originally used as a distribution center for rail-bound goods. It is located only two blocks from the Schultz Outfitters fly shop. Attendees were easily able to bounce back and forth between the event and the shop.

Overall, a really fun event and our ambassadors are looking forward to next year!

Renzetti rep, Ben Hunting (left), and Renzetti ambassador/staffer, Matt Grajewski (right).
Fly Fishing guide, Capt. Jon Ray, tying on a Master Vise.
Fly Fishing guide and Director of Operations for Boyne Outfitters, Capt. Ethan Winchester, tying on a Master Vise.
Fly Fishing guide, James Hughes, tying on a Presentation 4000. Photo by Nick Minesinger.
Fly Fishing guide, Capt. Drew Rosema, tying on a Traveler Vise. Photo by Nick Minesinger.