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Dear Angler,
Another year has passed. As we look back, we’re increasingly grateful for our good fortune, but also for our many friends and loyal customers. Pondering the past deepens our appreciation for the angling community; they are and have been, after all, such a large part of our lives.
But looking at the past also helps us when we look ahead. . .
When we look back to the beginnings of Renzetti, Inc., in 1972, we are amazed at fly angling’s evolution. . .and its effects on our products. The transformations have been remarkable. Our initial offerings were the fly tying tools and then the Renzetti Vise. They revolutionized the art of fly tying by introducing innovative features and quality machining while reflecting and maintaining fly tying’s honored traditions.
Over the years, we continued to improve the vises and tying tools. In 1996, our product line expanded to include a full line of fine rod-building equipment, now employed worldwide by dedicated artisans who craft custom-made fishing rods. And we now manufacture specialized gear for fly-fishers, conventional anglers, and many other industries throughout the country.
In keeping with our commitments to innovation and tradition, two years ago our sister company R Distribution LLC., began offering a complete line of top-shelf fly tying materials for the professional and home fly tyer. We now offer H20 fly tying materials, including Steve Farrar’s SF Blend, Polar Fiber, Pop Foils and a new line of custom made tournament fly rods to mention a few. While we do not manufacture these products we are making them available to the tyer and continuing the search of innovative and top quality products. Please visit
By honoring the traditions of fly tying, it helps us when we look to the future. To those ends, Renzetti has implemented a new initiative. . .the Renzetti Legacy Fly Tying Ambassadors, a program conceived to help to inspire fly tyers of all ages to create original, innovative, artistic, and useful flies.
Combining innovation and tradition since 1972, it is Renzetti’s real pleasure to provide fly fishers, fly tyers, and rod builders with finely crafted tools and precision equipment proudly made in the Titusville, Florida, USA.
Best wishes always,
Andy and Lily

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